The most desirable property 'extras' revealed

Solar panelsWhen it comes to a little something extra to seal the sale of a property, solar panels are apparently top of the list.

Solar panels have surprisingly been named as the most desirable property 'extra' in a new survey.

The research, by ING Direct, asked people what smaller things – excluding basics such as price, location and condition – would tip them towards a particular property.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
And it seems many people are attracted by the idea of having an energy-generating installation at home, with 38% of those surveyed saying it would be their number one extra.

Over 360,000 homes now use solar power, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Energy, which is a fourfold increase on last year.

Weekly bin collections and a satellite TV connection came in joint second place. Many councils have moved to fortnightly bin collections to save money and encourage more recycling.

Here are the top ten most desirable property extras:
  • Solar panels
  • Weekly bin collections
  • Satellite TV connection
  • Greenhouse
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Good 3G signal
  • Giant bathtub
  • Outdoor power supply
  • Pantry or larder
  • Garden pond
With so many mobile phones in use, it's a surprise to see a good phone signal only in sixth place, particularly as it would mean you'd need to switch provider if it was poor.

Apparently dining room hatches were the most popular extra in the 1960s, while double glazing was the most desirable mod-con in the 80s.

House photos guaranteed to put buyers off
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The most desirable property 'extras' revealed

We're not quite sure that the bear adds anything to this listing, maybe it's meant to avert your attention from the dreary decor?

The seller is obviously a horror film fan. However, it might be an idea to remove all murder evidence before putting your house on the market, even if it is fake!

Does the doll come free with the house? We hope not. It's a little creepy...

This real estate agent probably should have waited until the car was moved. 

Much like the bear in the tub, this is another bizarre bathroom addition. 

If you're going to take pictures with others around,   at least crop them out. It might also be an idea to put a shirt on too...

We don't want to know what the couple are up to in this photo.

Every good house needs a pool, just without the additional flotsam

One fail-safe way to generate interest is to get some pretty girls involved. This seller obviously has their head screwed on.

Estate agents tell us that a house should always be clean and presentable when people come to view. The advice obviously fell on deaf ears here.


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