Dubai driver clocks up £1.6m in fines!

If you thought an £80 speeding fine or a £50 ticket for parking in the wrong place was bad, think again.

One VIP in Dubai has racked up traffic violation fines totaling close to £1.6m!
Dubai police have revealed the offender has clocked up no less than 12,740 offences over the past 18 months and owes Dh9.4 million – which equates to a lottery jackpot-rivalling £1,578,166.90.

Police say the driver has "many" vehicles including a number with expired registrations. The VIP – who police have not named – has topped a list of 33 offenders in the country who have committed 21,148 offences between them. In total they owe more than £24m.

No one on the bad boys' list has been named, but the police describe them as high profile figures from government institutions and public bodies.

"Absolutely no one has their fines waived, the chief of Dubai Police included, unless there is a substantiated objection," Maj Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, head of Dubai traffic, told the Arabic-language newspaper, Al Ittihad.

"A team tasked with tracking evaders of fine payments has been set up in 2008 ... to legally go after all [public] figures, individuals, government companies and institutions that have accumulated traffic violations."

Next time you're stung with a parking ticket for £30 for outstaying your welcome spare a thought for that "VIP".

Actually, on second thoughts, don't – he could probably find the £1.6m needed down the back of his sofa...
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