Brits forget it all on holiday... even their underwear

The annual summer holiday is traditionally the time we forget our troubles and relax. But according to a new survey, troubles aren't all we're forgetting.

Brits forget holiday essentials
Brits forget holiday essentials

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The poll, by TravelSupermarket, revealed that 47 per cent of Brits leave home without at least one essential.

Fourteen per cent heading off on their hols leave the plug adapter behind, while 12 per cent forget the all-important phone charger and the equally important sunglasses.

Slightly more surprising was the news that an absent-minded three per cent of package holidaymakers jetted off without their underwear.

Holiday essentials aside, the way we left our UK homes also caused problems. Some 21 per cent confessed to failing to empty the fridge, returning to the inevitable odours, and 12 per cent forgot to take out the bins.

More than one in ten of the 2,000 adults quizzed wasted money by omitting to switch off electrical appliances, while a sizeable eight per cent risked returning to a ransacked home after leaving doors or windows unlocked.

And a scatterbrained four per cent admitted they had arrived at the airport, packed and ready to go... either a day early or a day late.

Bob Akinson, spokesman for TravelSupermarket, advised: "Forgetting a few items can really eat into your budget. So double-check."

What's the most important holiday item you've forgotten? Leave your comments below...