Woman, 20, eaten by a crocodile in India

Ruth Doherty


Woman, 20, eaten by a crocodile in India
Woman, 20, eaten by a crocodile in India

Stock photo, crocodile, India: Rex

A 20-year-old woman has been dragged away by a crocodile near a village in India.

The young woman, named Meeta Solanki, was washing clothes at the Surya River in Kotambi village in Waghodia taluka, with her 12-year-old cousin Hemali Parmar.

When Meeta got up to leave, she was suddenly attacked by a crocodile, which, according to Hemali, sprung out of the water and attacked her with its tail.

Meeta fell and, before she had time to do anything, the crocodile caught hold of her and dragged her into the water.

A local farmer told the Times of India: "Hemali saw the incident and she rushed to the village immediately. Soon, about 150 of us rushed to the river bank and launched a manhunt for Meeta. Some of the villagers even dived into the river to look for her."

Crocodiles often wait for at least 24 hours to eat their prey, so the villagers were hoping they would find her body before this occurred.

Fire brigade official Bhargav Vyas said: "We reached the spot by about 12.30 pm and began searching for the girl immediately. But, we have not been able to find her even after seven hours of search operation. We will again begin the search operation on Friday morning."

The river is thought to be home to around 10 crocodiles, but the Ajwa dam's gates were opened this week, meaning more could have swept in.

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