Five new car launches to rival iPhone 5's hype

The waiting is over. Just under a year since the 4S debuted, Apple has finally revealed their iPhone 5 to the world.

However, while the party in California might have finished, Tim Cook and his team aren't the only ones generating hype for their new products.
So, as you wait for this year's inevitable new touchscreen device, we've listed five hotly-anticipated new car launches that you can look forward to in the meantime.

BMW i8

We might associate the famous white and blue propellor badge with high-performance and (relatively) high fuel-consumption cars like the M5, but BMW are also keen on going green - and they're heading up the movement with a pair of new EVs.

The i3 - around the size of the 1 Series - is an 'urban electric vehicle' with 170bhp and an 80-mile range, and the i8 - a plug-in hybrid sports car - should well and truly spice up the market for eco-friendly options.

Land Rover Defender

The new Defender is one of the most highly-anticipated new models around - and rightly so. After all, the current model has racked up nearly 30 years on sale with barely a facelift in sight, so the new car has rather a legendary reputation to live up to. With the DC100 concept proving a sight for sore eyes for all but hardened Land Rover purists, we're struggling to think of a new 4x4 we're looking forward to driving more.

Jaguar F-Type

The Defender isn't the only legendary vehicle about to be re-born - Jag's E-Type is also set for a revival. Little is known about the F-Type (one higher than E, get it?) beyond its engine line-up - a pair of three-litre v-sixes and the XFR's five-litre V8 - and its rear wheel drive, all-aluminium chassis. The F will make its debut at the Paris motor show later this month, and we can't wait!


VW is pushing the boundaries of fuel economy with a striking lightweight coupe. Named the XL1, it's set to arrive as an ultra-efficient diesel hybrid - with the concept car housing a two-cylinder 0.8-litre engine mated to an electric motor and seven-speed DSG gearbox. Hitting 60mph in 11.9 seconds, the XL1 is no Golf GTI rival, but with a staggering 313mpg on the combined cycle, it's easy to appreciate the engineering involved. Somewhere - we imagine - Al Gore must be doing somersaults.

Citroen DS9

Citroen's luxury saloon offerings have been rather unloved in our country - except by a selection of die-hard fans - but the DS9 isn't really designed with us in mind. Heading for China - where businessmen love big, imposing saloons - we can't help but want the staggeringly beautiful DS9 just a little bit. Little has been revealed so far, but expect a hybrid powertrain similar to that of the DS5.

How excited are you about these cars? Let us know by commenting below.
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