Salon versus home beauty treatments

Caroline Cassidy

With most Brits keeping a firm grip on the purse strings, the chances are those little luxuries like salon treatments are a thing of the past. But if you are desperately missing a spot of pampering in your life, don't despair - there's always the DIY alternative.

salon versus diy beauty treatments
salon versus diy beauty treatments

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Whether they are worn and dry from a season of flipflop wearing or you're preparing to head off to sunnier climes, a pedicure may well be in order.

For a luxurious pedi, including trim, file, exfoliating scrub and massage, plus the all-important polish, the MichaelJohn spa pedicure will put a bounce in your step for £55.

On the other hand, if £9.99 fits your budget better, opt for Boots Gorgeous Feet Pedicure Kit. A soothing foot soak, scrub, intensive moisturiser, plus all the necessaries for tidying up those nails are all included along with a cosy pair of socks to keep them that way.

Fake tan
There's nothing like that sun-kissed look to make you feel healthy and glowing, but topping up that tan can be an expensive business.

A Xen-Tan Airbrush Spray Tan, for example, will set you back in the region of £50 per session and will last at least a week. But St Tropez offer an excellent range of self-tan kits, such as the Bronzing Mousse, at a more reasonable £25.

Whatever your skin type or problem area, French skincare specialists Guinot have a spa treatment to fix it. These professional treatments are available in salons and spas up and down the country, and use plant-based products carefully selected to clean, buff, firm or even out your complexion - and microcurrent machines will massage your visage to stimulate the muscles and ease away any hint of tiredness or stress. The treatments are not, however, cheap, starting at £55 for a 40 minute Hydradermie Lift.

But you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve radiance - instead, try The Sanctuary's Warming Charcoal Mask. Their 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask promises to purify and rebalance the skin's oil levels, leaving it silky soft for just £10.20. And with so many products to choose from you can always choose something to suit your particular skin type.

For the ultimate in deep-conditioned, glossy hair, Kell Skott in London is the place to head. The Pure Intensity treatment (£28) involves Phyto products made from highly concentrated plant ingredients, while the MicroMist Deep Conditioning Treatment, which hails from Japan originally, allows them to permeate deep into damaged hair, leaving you with a salon look that will last.

But if that sounds a little too pricey, opt instead for a made-to-order Wella Mask from the salon shop, of which there are a variety available for different hair types, for just £12.

Have you ditched salon treatments for DIY kits? Tell us about your favourite products below...