Woman stabs holiday park manager over cabin repairs dispute

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Woman stabs holiday park manager over cabin repairs dispute
Woman stabs holiday park manager over cabin repairs dispute


A woman who stabbed the manager of a log cabin holiday complex in a row over repairs has been jailed for five years.

Marina Marchi, 50, used a kitchen knife to stab manager Kelli Barrett, 23, in the back at the holiday park reception.

She had been living one of the log cabins at the Florida Keys holiday lodges in Wilberfoss, near Pocklington, and had become increasingly angry over problems with her lodge, feeling they had not been addressed by Miss Barrett.

The holiday park is one of three owned by Manor Park Lodges, in Strensall, York.

Ms Marchi had been drinking vodka the night before the incident, and sent her children a text saying: "Sorry girls, my life, I love you". One of her daughters was so concerned she called the police and reported her mother missing and suicidal.

At 2.45pm on 4 April, Ms Marchi went into the holiday park reception and told Miss Barrett she was there to pay her rent, even though she had no money on her.

Miss Barrett informed her she owed £108.84, but as she looked away, Ms Marchi stormed behind the counter and stabbed her in the back.

Bookkeeper Lorraine Hart witnessed the attack and ran out of the office screaming for help.

Owner Shedrack Nelson ran to the reception when he heard the screams.

Prosecutor Nick Adlington told This is Hull and East Riding: "He ran into the office and saw blood all over the walls and floor and Miss Barrett and the defendant struggling on the floor behind her desk.

"Miss Barrett shouted 'Sheddy, she's got a knife'. He then saw the defendant had a knife in her right hand with the point of the blade touching Miss Barrett's chest."

Mr Nelson managed to disarm Ms Marchi and detained her until police arrived.

Ms Marchi caused a deep stab wound between her victim's shoulder blades, and Miss Barrett also suffered bruising to her lower back, arms, shoulder blades and knees and defensive wounds to her thigh and fingers.

Marchi told police she "hated" Miss Barrett for what she had "put her through" but had only intended to frighten her, not kill her.

Mr Adlington said: "During the course of Marchi's police interview, the defendant related a history of problems in relation to her accommodation at Wilberfoss as a consequence of which there was mutual ill feeling between herself and Miss Barrett. "

She was originally charged with attempted murder but the Crown Prosecution Service accepted a plea to grievous bodily harm with intent on the day of her trial.

As well as being given a five-year jail sentence, she was also given an indefinite restraining order forbidding her from contacting the victim.

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