Cornish harbour with Hollywood appeal could be yours for £4.4m

Roshina Jowaheer
Cornwall tourist harbour Hollywood film location for sale
Cornwall tourist harbour Hollywood film location for sale


A pretty port in the overlooking tourist hotspot St Austell Bay in Cornwall and has been used as a Hollywood film location is up for a sale - with a £4.4million price tag.

The Sun reports how the quaint, Grade II listed Charleston Harbour is being sold by 69-year-old owner Robin Davies who is nearing retirement and is looking for a 'a new and younger generation with energy to come forward.'

Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, Treasure Island and series Doctor Who used the 18th century harbour for filming.

For the past 20 years it has been privately owned but holidaymakers are allowed to visit and boats can access the harbour.

Davies turned the harbour into a successful business making money from film crews, hiring out Tall ships and the lease on restaurants.

'The harbour used to be used to export china clay and when we came here the place was covered in this white dust,' Mr Davies said.

'We bought the harbour to keep ships in and have the facilities to repair boats but a lot of our business is now focussed on film sets.'

Those interested in buying can opt to pay £1.5million for the harbour, waterfront, two beaches a car park, ice cream parlour, weighbridges and a restaurant.

£1.4million will buy the marine training and charter business, which includes two Tall ships that are used for filming.

A further £1.5million will purchase an extra two acres of land.

Robin said: 'The objective is that whoever buys the harbour will keep on the majority of our team.

'It is a unique business and we have engineers, boatmen, deckhands and captains.

'I would like to see it carry on as it is.'

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