Maker rules out sub-brand to push posh Peugeot

Peugeot will not create a sub-brand to market its new premium 208 XY, Autoblog has learnt.

The French firm announced last week the 208 XY - a premium version of its new supermini that sits in the upper end of the 208 model line-up.
But the derivative will just form part of the 208 model range. Unlike sister firm Citroen with its premium DS line, there will be no XY brand to market the luxurious 208.

'There is a wish and a need from customers for a small and luxurious 208 - and that's what the XY is,' a Peugeot spokesperson exclusively told Autoblog. 'Peugeot uses the Horse-Serie name to describe special versions of its cars. These models include the RCZ coupe and the new 508 RXH.
But the 208 has not been identified as a special model by Peugeot.'

Due to that, the 208 XY will not be marketed separately. But when the model arrives in May next year, the French firm will create online promotions to generate interest in the car.
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