Decorate your child's bedroom

Caroline Cassidy

While you may have carefully planned and designed your home's interior, when it comes to the kids' rooms, it's great to let them have a say in how it's decorated. If your little one is clammering for a fresh new look for their bedroom, here's what to consider.

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To theme or not to theme
When considering a themed bedroom for your child, it's important to remember that they change as quickly as they grow. That means that the princess bedroom you so lovingly designed for you five-year-old might not be to their taste a couple of years later.

With this in mind, if your kids are determined to pick a particular theme for their room, consider keeping the basics like walls and carpets reasonably neutral and accessorising with the soft furnishings or removable wall stickers. That way it won't need a complete overhaul when the princess phase wears off.

The practicalities
There are two things every child needs in their bedroom - space to play, and plenty of storage to hide all their toys and games when they are not being used. Therefore careful planning is essential.

Thankfully, there is now a huge variety of storage options on the market, from door-hanging organisers to adjustable shelving. Under the bed is another fabulous way to fill dead space with a child's clutter. If you can't invest in a bed with drawers underneath, have a look for low boxes with wheels for easy access.

If you start with the notion that you can never have too much storage, you'll probably be fine. And when it's possible to put everything away, your kids should have plenty of room to do what they do best - play.

What to buy
When it comes to shopping for your little one's freshly decorated room, don't be tempted to buy the cheapest items you can find. Where children are concerned, hardwearing is the key word. Invest a little more in good quality furniture, such as chests, wardrobes, drawers and desks, and they will stand the test of time.

Similarly, it pays to think ahead when it comes to beds. Once your children are out of the toddler phase and sleeping happily in their own bed, it's important to remember that their feet may well be hanging over the end in just a few short years.

And last but most certainly not least, keep things child-friendly. Think about an easy-clean activity area for those painting and drawing sessions (this could easily be transformed into a desk when computers and homework take precedence), and consider either laminate flooring or a soft, cushiony rug to cover your fitted carpet.

What's your top tip for decorating a child's bedroom? Leave your comments below...