Two BA pilots suspended over drunken stopover brawl

Ceri Roberts
Two BA pilots suspended over boozy stopover brawl
Two BA pilots suspended over boozy stopover brawl


Two British airways pilots have been suspended following a drunken fight in a Rio bar during a stopover between flights.

The Sun reports that the captain and first officer hadn't been getting on after a difficult landing, but the situation escalated later at the hotel bar and punches were thrown.

One of the pilots was immediately suspended.

In a second incident, a pilot punched a colleague at a hotel bar in Hong Kong because he thought he heard a steward call a female flight attendant "a prostitute".

The woman involved later told the pilot that she had been joking with her colleague.

A BA spokesperson told The Sun that both pilots had been suspended and said: "Staff are encouraged to enjoy themselves and relax in rest times but pilots attacking each other and other stewards is a big no-no."

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