The good old days: British seaside pictures from the past

The good old days: British seaside pictures from the pastGetty

Would you wear your best clothes to the beach? This family from the 19th century did! We love looking at holiday snaps and these British seaside pics from the Victorian era to the 1950s show that a lot has changed at UK beaches over the years. People wear a lot less for starters!

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The good old days: British seaside pictures from the past

We love this pic of a group of children enjoying a day at the beach in London in 1955. The artificial beach was named Tower Beach because of its location near Tower Bridge!

Wow, we're glad things are a little more relaxed at the seaside these days. Fully clothed, wearing their Sunday best and no frolicking in the sea - we want to show this lot how a day at the beach is really done! 

Back in 1955, this man headed straight to the beach from the office and rolled up the legs of his suit before enjoying a paddle in the water and staring out to sea with a cigar in his mouth.

Now this couple look like they're having a good time! No matter how cold the water is, sometimes you just have to run into the sea for a good splash around.

Two women enjoy a day at the beach in Blackpool and take a ride on a pair of donkeys. Check out Blackpool Tower in the 1950s. We love their retro swimwear too!

There was a time when going to the beach was a formal affair, complete with extravagant hats, posh umbrellas and very heavy gowns. We wonder if they've got their cossies on under those dresses!

This young woman looks like a true 1915 fashionista as she paddles in the sea wearing a striped swimsuit and straw hat.

Don't you just love having a good nap on the beach? This couple headed to Southend in the summer of 1953 to get some shut-eye on a pair of deck chairs.

Spending a day at the British seaside is about putting on your favourite swimming costume and just making the most of every minute the sun shines, like this lady who looks like she's enjoyng herself so much and can't wait to get back in the sea.

In 1939 the ice cream van came to you! This ice cream vendor wearing waders and selling Bailey's ice cream went right into the sea to sell the cold, sweet treat to two women in Brighton.

A woman on the seaside promenade at Morecambe in Lancashire holds a giant model of an ice cream cone in 1938. You've got to have ice cream at the beach!

From sand angels to making sandcastles and having old fashioned fun with a beach ball, there's loads to do at the beach, like these six women posing in the sand showed us.

Families, couples and friends hit the beach on a hot day and enjoy a paddle in the sea, making sandcastles and relaxing on the sand - all in their best clothing, of course!

We love this family seaside picture of mum, dad and the kids relaxing by the rocks on a British beach. While some of the family members posed for the pic, others were so fascinated by their holiday reads they didn't even look up from their books!

Back in 1897 a group of men and women were pictured standing in the ocean surf wearing their swimsuits. The men wore two-piece striped suits, while the women wore bathing dresses and hats.


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