Panic at Edinburgh Zoo as 95-stone bull escapes

Panic at Edinburgh Zoo as 95-stone bull escapesPA

There was panic among tourists at Edinburgh Zoo this week after a 95-stone Heck bull escaped its enclosure.

Visitors were herded into indoor areas for protection, including cafes and shops - as well as the chimp enclosure.

Zoo staff brought the bull down with a tranquilliser dart after it had been on the run for around 40 minutes.

According to the Daily Record, some visitors shared their experience on Twitter, with one, Michaella Nicholson, tweeting: "Well, can't believe we're stuck in the chimp enclosure as a bull's got out."

Panic at Edinburgh Zoo as 95-stone bull escapesStock photo: PA

The bull was part of the zoo's herd of Heck cattle, which sport horns up to three feet long.

According to the BBC, an Edinburgh Zoo spokeswoman said: "An adult Heck cattle bull escaped from its enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo for 40 minutes.

"It stayed within the locality of the enclosure.

"Edinburgh Zoo visitors were immediately escorted to indoor areas in the zoo.

"Edinburgh Zoo's trained team of expert keepers and veterinarians safely and effectively darted the animal. Staff are establishing the circumstances of the escape, and have secured the area."

One visitor, John Monahan, from Belfast, told the Daily Record about his experience, saying: "We were told to go into the chimpanzee compound. People were in a bit of a panic, running about.

"But the staff were on the ball and helped people off the grounds as soon as possible.

"It was all quite scary. A huge bull running about the place. We just came to see the pandas."

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