The £800 DIY model warship

As far as hobbies go, magazines and model building seem pretty light on the pocket compared to more extravagant past times.

Yet a new magazine collectable for a model warship costs a whopping £800 and takes longer to build than the real thing.

Magazine collectibles can certainly become addictive by luring you in with cheap first issues, only for the price to increase once you're hooked and want to buy every issue to complete your project

A new magazine called HMS Sovereign of the Seas, which has been widely advertised on TV, does just that. It shows how to create an 110cm-long replica of the wooden Navy ship commissioned by Charles I and launched in 1637. It costs £1.99 for the first issue, then £5.99 per copy after that.

The structure of the collectable magazine means it will take two years and seven months to complete the model – compared to the original life size vessel, which was the largest of her time and took just a year and ten months to build back in the 17th century. This means that the total cost for the required 135 issues, which each include parts and instructions, is £804.65.

True cost
While it may be a price worth paying for keen model boat enthusiasts, consumers are advised to work out the true cost before buying into collectable magazines and committing to projects that add up to considerable expense over the long term.

Rashid Lalloo of Premier Ship Models, who has run his model ship-making website for ten years, also told the Daily Mail that similar Sovereign of the Seas models can be purchased for less than half the price and completed in a few months.

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