A third of workers lie about salary

Empty pocketNearly one in three workers has lied about their salary to a friend or relative to try to appear more successful in their careers, according to a poll.

Of the 31% who exaggerated their earnings, 12% said they had "significantly" done so and some had gone as far as to double what they earn.

Men were three times more likely than women to lie about how much money they took home, the survey for lender FridayFriday.com found.

More than half of those polled said it was wrong to discuss their salary with others, with 44% saying they only did so with people they trusted.

Young earners aged between 18 and 25 were found to be more likely to inflate their salaries to impress others.

A FridayFriday.com spokesman said: "Among young men especially wages have become an important status symbol, so it is perhaps not surprising that, when grouped together, the testosterone goes into overdrive and earnings are exaggerated."

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