Brits pile on up to 9lbs in just one week of summer holiday

Roshina Jowaheer
Brits pile on up to 9lbs in just one week of summer holiday
Brits pile on up to 9lbs in just one week of summer holiday


Many of us are guilty of eating too much or drinking more cocktails than usual while on holiday, but a new survey has revealed that the average weight we pile on while on our summer break abroad is up to 9lbs in just one week.

We cram in the gym sessions to get beach ready before our holiday but undo all the hard work the minute we board the plane and it takes more than a month to lose the excess holiday weight once we return home, the Daily Mail reports.

69 per cent of Britons admitted to putting on 1-5lbs on holiday, while 21 per cent said they put on 5-9lbs and five per cent admitted they gained more than a stone in just one week's holiday.

The survey by weight management company LighterLife revealed that 59 per cent of Brits abroad overindulge with calorific dinners with 55 per cent saying they eat out most nights and 71 per cent admitted they consumed alcohol every day of their holiday.

When asked the reasons for this, 86 per cent said they saw their holiday as an excuse to overindulge and 14 per cent admitted they pay in advance for all inclusive deals and want to get their money's worth.

Television's Doctor Hilary Jones told the Daily Mail: 'These statistics are not surprising and we see this often with yo-yo dieters kick starting their summer holiday by not eating properly to get into their bikinis, and then returning to their old eating habits when they get on holiday – coming home with more weight than they started with.

'It's interesting that people use holidays as an excuse to overindulge because food and drink is readily available.

'Holiday-makers need to change their mindset and see their break as a time to relax and enjoy themselves – but not ruin their waistline and health in the process.'

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