Tips for the school run

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued guidelines as the school run season starts.

These include:
• Don't compromise your concentration and the safety of other road users by being in a hurry. Leaving the house five minutes earlier changes the nature of how you make
the journey.
• Take extra care to compensate for the fact that children won't always be paying attention, especially when approaching the school gate.
• Never stop on the yellow "zig zags" by the school gate, and always ensure you let your passengers out on the pavement side.
• An informal arrangement to share the driving with other parents can reduce driving pressure.
• Roads surrounding schools are usually 20 mph, it's important to slow down and keep an eye out for children crossing the road.
• If your children are walking to school on their own, make sure they are aware of the potential hazards such as crossing busy roads and encourage them to always use the pedestrian crossing if there is one.

IAM head of training, Simon Elstow said: "The school run brings with it a 20 per cent growth in rush hour traffic. A little preparation can go a long way to making the school run easier, so take the extra time and plan ahead."
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