Shop on a Tuesday for the best online bargains

Caroline Cassidy

Everyone likes a bargain and the world wide web provides savvy shoppers with numerous money-saving opportunities.

secrets of online shopping revealed
secrets of online shopping revealed

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And thanks to new research, bargain hunters can rest assured they're getting the very best deals.

An analysis of 3,000 and half a billion transactions by US retail reporting service SumAll revealed the secrets to bagging a bargain.

For instance, the best day of the week for hunting down those discounts is Tuesday, when the average saving is 4.81 per cent. Next best are Thursday with 4.80 per cent and Friday at 4.65 per cent. The weekends were the worst time to shop, discounts typically amounting to 3.84 per cent on a Saturday and 3.37 per cent on Sundays.

Perhaps more surprising is the news that there are plenty of good deals to be had in the run-up to Christmas.

The largest savings were to be had in November, where the average discount was 5.99 per cent - considerably higher than the 4.95 per cent off come the January sales. By March though, consumers can expect to save just 2.76 per cent on their online shopping.

Mind you, clearly many of you already know when and where to grab the best deals, because the research also revealed that Britons are by far the best smartest shoppers, averaging a 5.51 per cent discount on their purchases compared with next-best, the Americans, who managed to get an average of 4.28 per cent knocked off their shopping.

Are you a savvy online shopper? What's your secret to bagging the best bargains? Leave your comments below...