Train delayed because of 'drunk man lying on tracks'

Ruth Doherty
Train delayed because of 'drunk man lying on tracks'
Train delayed because of 'drunk man lying on tracks'


A passenger train was delayed for 40 minutes last night after it was halted by a drunk man lying on the line.

The 18.13pm from Ipswich to Lowestoft was brought to a standstill by the man, who was perhaps luckily wearing a bright red T-shirt, and his dog, on the line near Melton, north of Woodbridge.

Passenger Zoah Hedges-Stocks said the man was helped up but seemed to be "staggering" by the line.

She told "He was pulled off the tracks and regained consciousness but we couldn't move until the police turned up."

Zoah added that passengers remained "quite calm but curious", and that the train eased to a stop.

A Suffolk policeman confirmed that officers had attended the scene, along with colleagues from the British Transport Police.

The man was taken home, but was not arrested.

He is not the first person to weirdly think that a train track is a good place to hang out; back in July, a train driver narrowly missed hitting two children who were having a picnic on a railway.

He was left so traumatised after the experience he is now taking a safety message to schools.

Geraint Llewellyn drives trains for First Great Western between Swansea and London, and had to brake while going 90mph after spotting two boys eating a sandwich and drinking on the railway line at Briton Ferry.

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