Body scanners introduced at Edinburgh and Glasgow airports

Body scanners introduced at Edinburgh and Glasgow airportsStock photo: PA

Body scanning of selected passengers is being introduced at Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.

The security measure will begin from 1 September, and passengers will be chosen at random, or if an extra security concern is raised, like activating the metal detector, according to the BBC.

It is thought the scanning only takes a few seconds, and images are deleted as soon as they have been assessed.

The technology will be looking to unveil any concealed contraband or threats, and will alert security staff through an image that appears as a mannequin-style diagram.

It will be mandatory for selected passengers to undergo the scan, and any who refuse will not be allowed to board their flight.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, said the scanner was a "great enhancement" to its security procedures.

He told the BBC: "The scan is quick, simple and safe for everyone and does not compromise individual's privacy as the image taken is deleted straight after it is assessed.

"Passengers asked to undergo the scan must comply with the rules as stated by the Department for Transport."

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