Watch: News helicopter makes emergency landing in Hollywood

Watch: News helicopter makes emergency landing on Hollywood BoulevardYouTube

A helicopter for a TV news station became news itself this weekend after it had to make an emergency landing in Hollywood when smoke began pouring from its rear engine. Scroll down to see the video

Both SKY2 and KTLA helicopters were covering a news story about a reported gunman when SKY2 pilot Dan Catalano notice that KTLA's helicopter was smoking.

He told CBS Los Angeles: "Channel 5 looked like they were having a problem. I turned and looked and saw smoke coming out of the engine of the SKY5 helicopter. I notified the pilot."

The KTLA pilot Tim Lynn then declared an emergency on the radio. During video footage of the incident he can be heard saying: "I'm just putting it down, for an emergency landing, just off Highland. I've got smoke coming out of the engine. Don't talk to me right now."

"A lot of real white and blue smoke right behind me. There was just a lot of smoke. And then, as I started slowing down to make my turn before the final end to here, it filled the cockpit with smoke and I knew I had a real issue coming on."

Dan said Catalano taught him how to fly helicopters, so did what he said immediately.

He then made an emergency landing in an empty parking lot on Hollywood Boulevard.

Lynn and KTLA photographer Jeff Laabs quickly and safely exited the helicopter, and the Los Angeles Fire Department and LA Police Department arrived soon after to inspect the chopper.

Officials said a crack in the engine creation an oil leak had caused the emergency.

Lynn added: "I'm very grateful that we're okay. Any landing in a helicopter that you can walk away from is a good landing."

See the footage here:

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