Say what? Parking space in Cornwall holiday resort on sale for £55k

Ruth Doherty
Say what? Parking space in Cornwall holiday resort on sale for £55k
Say what? Parking space in Cornwall holiday resort on sale for £55k


It doesn't have a roof or a bed, but a piece of real estate in Cornwall could be yours for £55,000 - of you're in the market for a parking space.

Yep, a parking space has gone on sale for £55,000 in the popular Cornish seaside resort of St Ives.

Deputy mayor of St Ives, Cllr Colin Nicholls, told the Daily Mail: 'There's only a certain type of person that wants to pay all that, but it seems to me like a dinner party accessory.

"People are buying them to be able to say that because they are awash with money."

Two years ago, another parking space in the town sold for £60,000, but even that pales in comparison to the space in New York that sold for a cool $1 million.

Parking might be an expensive business in Cornwall, but at least it's not "sexist" like a tourist town over in Germany.

The tiny tourist town in Germany's Black Forest hit the headlines after its mayor introduced special parking spaces just for men - as they are harder to get into.

Gallus Strobel, the mayor of Triberg - known for its waterfalls and cuckoo clocks - said he knew the move would "challenge political correctness", and hopes it will be an "attraction" for ambitious drivers.

The 12 spaces set aside for women are wider, well-lit, and closer to the exit, while the men's spaces require the driver to pull in at an angle, and avoid hitting cement pillars.

However, Strobel told the Focus newspaper that the parking policy was, above all, a publicity stunt to help attract tourists to the pretty town.

He said: "Our city spends about 50,000 euros every year for marketing, and the parking action may have cost us 50 euros."

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