Bride drowns having photos taken at waterfall beauty spot in Canada

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Bride drowns while having photos taken at waterfall beauty spot
Bride drowns while having photos taken at waterfall beauty spot

Stock photo, Canada: Rex

A bride drowned after having her photos taken at a waterfall beauty spot in Canada.

A strong current reportedly pulled the 30-year-old under water as she posed for pictures with the Dorwin Falls as a backdrop in Rawdon, north of Montreal.

According to the Mirror, as she was being photographed with her feet in the water, her dress became saturated, leaving her unable to stay up. She slipped under and her body was later discovered by a diver in a basin about 100ft away.

Sgt Ronald McInnis said the photographer and a bystander tried to rescue her, but were unable to because of the weight of her dress. Both are being treated for extreme shock in hospital.

He told the Daily Mail: "She was doing the photo shoot in about 6 inches or one foot of water when part of her wedding dress got soaked and became extremely heavy.

"She started slipping and falling down when the photographer grabbed her but she was too heavy that he couldn't pull her from the edge.

"Another person tried to grab her but also was unable to save her from falling into the river."

He said: "The people who fall at that spot usually perish. It doesn't give you a chance."

The bride had been married on 9 June, but had wanted more pictures of herself in her wedding dress at the Ouareau River, according to CBC News.

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