10% 'worry about feeding families'

fresh fruit and vegA tenth of full-time working adults are worried about providing three nutritious meals a day for their families, according to a study.

The Salvation Army poll, to establish whether social issues have changed from those identified by the church and charity a century ago, found that the main concerns of 20% of UK parents with children aged 16 or under was affording basic needs such as food and clothing and getting into debt.
Among those working, 10% were worried about affording three nutritious meals a day and 31% were concerned about affording replacement essential household goods such as a bed or cooker.

Just over a quarter (26%) were worried about being able to pay their mortgage or rent.

The poll found 14% of parents identified harmful or illegal drugs as their biggest concern for their children and 7% of all those surveyed were currently worried about alcohol or drug addiction within their family.

Just over one third (35%) of parents were worried about a lack of working opportunities for their children.

The Salvation Army said the survey revealed that "100 years on, the same concerns remain in 21st century Britain".

Lt Colonel Marion Drew, of The Salvation Army UK and Ireland, said: "The Salvation Army still recognises that in 2012 anyone can find themselves facing grief and despair.

"Family breakdown, unemployment, poverty, homelessness and drug and alcohol dependency are just some of the reasons why people can lose everything they value, including their dignity."

YouGov polled 2,099 adults online between August 17-20.
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