'Terrified' passengers evacuated after baggage driver crashes into plane at Heathrow

'Terrified' plane passengers evacuated after baggage driver crashes into itPA

A baggage cart driver caused panic when he crashed into an SAS Airlines plane at Heathrow airport, causing £1 million worth of damage.

Dennis Jackson caused an evacuation of the plane after the crash, which reportedly occurred has he had "forgotten" which vehicle he was driving and misjudged the height as he drove underneath the tail, according to the Mirror.

The Telegraph reported that he "sliced through" the tail as the SAS Airbus 321, with 175 passengers on board, prepared to fly off to Copenhagen.

Prosecutor Amanda McCabe said the jet shook when the vehicle hit, one crew member was a knocked off her feet, and another ground crew member feared a fire.

She told Uxbridge magistrates: "The damage was very clear – it had sliced through the rear of the aircraft, causing extensive damage.

"The fuel line was very close to where it had impacted, and there were passengers and crew on the aircraft – it was preparing to move away from the stand."

Jackson, of Ashford, West London, admitted driving without due care. He was fined £150 with £85 costs and told to pay a £15 victim surcharge. He had already been fined a week's wages and given a written warning by employers Dnata.

It was reported that Mr Jackson had an exemplary record since joining the company in 2006.
Bethany Charnley, defending, called it an "expensive accident".

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