'Full emergency' declared as Easyjet plane hit by birds at Luton Airport

Ruth Doherty

'Full emergency' declared after Easyjet plane hit by birds at Luton Airport
'Full emergency' declared after Easyjet plane hit by birds at Luton Airport


A full emergency was declared at Luton Airport after an Easyjet holiday plane was hit by a flock of birds.

The Airbus 319 was carrying 156 passengers and crew when the birds hit, causing engine damage to the plane.

According to Luton Today, crews from Luton, Stopsley and Bedford were called to the airport just before 7pm on Friday.

A resident who saw the plane coming into land over his garden told the Luton News that it was "the sound was the strangest I have ever heard".

A spokesman for Beds Fire and Rescue told Luton Today: "We got the call saying a plane was in trouble so we sent appliances but it turned out that it landed safely and we weren't required to take any action."

At the beginning of the month, a United Airlines aircraft was left with a huge hole in the nose of the plane after it struck a bird on its descent into Denver International Airport.

The Boeing 737 was flying from Dallas to Denver, and was coming into land when it struck the animal. The pilot declared an emergency as soon as he was aware of the hit.

Christen David, a spokesman for United Airlines, told ABC News that there were no injuries to the 151 passengers on board.

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