Watch: The fur flies as dog goes paragliding down Slieve Donard

Ruth Doherty
Watch: The fur flies as dog does tandem paraglide down Slieve Donard
Watch: The fur flies as dog does tandem paraglide down Slieve Donard


A man has successfully taken his dog on a tandem paragliding flight down Slieve Donard mountain in Northern Ireland.

Tony Conway took his collie cross-breed Harry for the 'walkies' with a twist, and it took around 20 minutes to glide the 2,700ft from the mountain peak down to the beach in Newcastle, County Down, where he had a good post-paraglide run around.

Tony told the BBC: "He was really comfortable, he just sat there.

"I think if a dog could smile he would have been smiling up at me. The way the harness attaches he ended up sitting on my knee. He wasn't trembling or anything.

"When I was petting him, he was looking up at me as if to say: 'This is great'.

"He seemed to just love it. There was no issue with him at all. He never made a whimper. Even when we landed, he was quite happy... When I unhooked him from the harness he started running around the beach."

Tony, a keen paraglider for about nine years, and his wife, Donna, turned to a seamstress in Lurgan to help make a harness for Harry, who practised walking around in it in the garden.

Tony added: "Now when I lift the harness and hold it up and show him it, he starts barking and gets excited because he associates the harness with getting out for a walk."

See the cute footage below:

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