Woman burns face with butane cylinder on camping trip in Wales

Woman burns face with butane cylinder on camping trip in WalesStock photo: Rex

A woman was airlifted to hospital after suffering "serious burns" to her face, neck and arms during a camping trip in Wales last weekend.

The 40-year-old holidaymaker was rushed to hospital after using a butane cylinder on top of a grill at Shell Island in Llanbedr on Sunday.

She was later transferred to Whiston Hospital for specialist treatment.

The woman was not the only person to suffer serious burn on a camping trip in the area that weekend.

A man in his 30s was injured when he tried to change a gas cylinder on a cooker while another cooker was still alight.

He, too, was taken to Whiston Hospital for treatment.

Neither incidents are thought to be life-threatening, but they have prompted warning from the local rescue service.

Dave Evans from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service told the Caernarfon Herald: "Thankfully, the injuries received are not life-threatening but both people have suffered serious burns, which could have been avoided with a little extra care.

"We are concerned that people using gas cylinders or lighting a camp fire need to take the greatest of care. Try to avoid lighting an open fire – bRelae responsible and use a proper camping stove and, if using flammable liquids, follow the safety instructions, especially when refilling. Never leave naked flames unattended."

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