The great escape: Kangaroo flees zoo with help from fox and boar

The great escape: Kangaroo flees zoo with help from fox and boarPA

A kangaroo that managed to escape an animal park near Frankfurt, Germany, with the help of a boar and a fox is giving authorities the hop around.

Deputy head of the animal park, Michael Hoffmann, said three kangaroos named Skippy, Jack and Mick, managed to make a bid for freedom through a hole in the fence created by a friendly fox.

One decided he didn't fancy making his own way in life after all and stayed within the park grounds.

The other two made it out through another hole, this time dug by a wild boar, under the park's exterior barriers.

Vets managed to capture one of the kangaroos after an extended chase, but the other one is proving more difficult.

A number of people have reported kangaroo sightings in the area, and Mr Hoffman stressed the animal is not dangerous, telling AFP: "He's super friendly, super nice. Absolutely no danger at all."

Back in June, the owners of a farm in Ireland were appealing for help after their pet wallaby escaped.

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