The best place to live in London

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The games may be over but London remains in the spotlight as a top destination to live in following international media coverage that has captured the world's attention.

Bromley tops the list of most desirable places to live in the capital, according to a recent study that compares the quality of life across the UK and the 2012 Olympics host city.

The Borough of Bromley in south east London was found to be the most favourable place to live in the study by Experian Credit Expert. The findings examined more than 40 factors, such as air quality, crime rates and life expectancy to rank each district in the UK.

The study examined the four key life-stages – 'pre-children', 'young children', 'older children' and 'post-children' – looking at a different set of values for each stage, from job opportunities and house affordability to average OFSTED scores and average grades in local schools.

Affordable quality
Bromley is among the best areas in the country for annual earnings (16th out of 324), quality of businesses and shops (27th and 37th respectively), as well as ranking strongly across the board for a range of health and educational factors.

"Quality of life can mean all sorts of different things for different people. With this study, we have tried to look at the whole range of variables that people take into consideration when buying a home," explains Peter Turner, managing director of Experian Consumer Services.

"Of all the London boroughs, Bromley exemplifies many of the particular qualities we value in a neighbourhood, as well as having no major failings – making it, statistically speaking, the most desirable home in the capital."

Priced out
The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea also ranked in London's top 10, shown to be the best place in the UK to live before having children, due to the area's high population density, tech-savvy residents, and availability of shopping.

Despite having the country's lowest obesity rates, and the highest percentage of adults with a degree-level education, the Kensington and Chelsea fell down the overall rankings largely due to its lack of affordable housing.

Top 10 London boroughs for quality of life with average house price:
  1. Bromley (£312,184)
  2. Bexley (£226,089)
  3. Sutton (£264,568)
  4. Harrow (£324,539)
  5. Kingston upon Thames (£348,880)
  6. Richmond upon Thames (£563,629)
  7. Croydon (£253,283)
  8. Kensington & Chelsea (£1,449,883)
  9. Barnet (£424,987)
  10. Merton (£376,805)
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The best place to live in London

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