Mystery yacht sparks international terror alert

Ceri Roberts
Mystery yacht sparks international terror alert
Mystery yacht sparks international terror alert


An empty yacht, found drifting just six miles from the Sizewell nuclear plant (pictured) on the Suffolk coast, has sparked an international police alert.

The Daily Mail reports that the 28ft vessel was towed to Orford Quay, where a UK Border Force investigation began.

Security has been tight during the Olympics, so there were originally fears that the boat could have been part of a terrorist operation. However, officials now believe that it's more likely that it was used to smuggle drugs or illegal immigrants into Britain.

There have been no reports of missing or stolen yachts and UK Border Force officials are still investigating.

Local historial Stuart Bacon told the Daily Mail: "It is an absolute mystery - there are no identification markings on the boat at all and no clues in the cabin, which is very clean and tidy.

"There is a lot of speculation that it may have been carrying drugs but it could also be a case of a lone sailor falling overboard and his boat drifting off.

"There were apparently Dutch sea charts on board so the yacht could even have drifted across the North Sea."

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