Lady Gaga boasts: 'I can still have sex on the beach'

Lady Gaga boasts: 'I can still have sex on a beach'PA

Despite her enormous global fame, Lady Gaga says it is still possible for her to have sex on a beach.

In an interview with US Vogue, the 26-year-old said: "I'm a complete free spirit, so, even though you don't see it, I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one's around.

"Or roll into a bar and get ****** up, and dance with my top off. It's just that no one ever sees that, because I have great real friends who never let me do it when I would get caught."

The singer showed she doesn't have too many inhibitions recently, by posting a pic of her seemingly skinny-dipping with her beau Taylor Kinney.

But, having sex on a beach can be a precarious past time; just last month, police had to intervene when parents spotted a couple having sex on the beach in Ramsgate, Kent.

Holidaymakers reportedly looked on horrified as the young couple were spotted getting frisky just a few feet away from the play area close to the Great Wall of Ramsgate.

So, be warned, Gaga...

But, it seems, Lady Gaga (and the caught-out-couple) aren't the only ones bonking on the beach.

A recent survey reveals that nine out of ten British women have more sex on holiday than at home, and a third admit that they have had sex on the beach.

The survey for travel dating website found that Greece was the most popular destination for holiday sex, followed by Spain and Italy.

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