Four flight attendants injured on three planes in one day

Four flight attendants injured on three planes in one dayPA

Four flight attendants on three different planes were hurt and taken to hospitals on Wednesday.

Two of the incidents were caused by turbulence, while the other two were the result of a spilled hot drink.

According to CNN, a flight attendant on US Airways Express flight 435 was injured by turbulence as the plane came into land at a Charlotte airport.

A US Airways spokesman said paramedics took her to hospital where she was treated and released.

An air hostess on a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Nashville suffered an ankle injury following severe turbulence, said airline spokesman Paul Flaningan.

Meanwhile, two members of cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic flight 7 from London to Los Anegles suffered light burns after a hot drink was spilled.

Spokeswoman Nadia Basil told CNN: "Ground staff were alerted and as a precaution the aircraft was met by paramedics.

"We would like to commend the crew on board who came to the aid of their colleagues and administrated the correct first aid in line with their training."

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