Watch: Tourist survives 'iceberg tsunami' in Greenland

Watch: Tourist survives 'iceberg tsunami' in GreenlandYouTube

An Australian tourist is lucky to be alive after her boat was "written off" by an iceberg wave. Scroll down to see the video

Sarah Williams, from Adelaide, was viewing a glacier on board a fisherman's boat when a wall of ice crashed down into the water.

During the video, Sarah explains: "It was a terrifying experience, I thought I was close to the end.

"I was a bit tense beforehand because I could hear the cracking, it sounded like gunshots going off. I could sense the tension, but I don't think any of us expected such a massive chunk to come down.

"The boat was a write off; the wave hit the boat, the ice was pelting down, a lot of water came in. It was taking on water because we we were driving away very quickly and the boat was hitting the ice as we were driving away. It was pretty dramatic."

Sarah missed the tourist boat, so decided to hire a local fishing vessel to take her to the glacier.

"I was determined to get to this glacier, I'd come all the way from Australia so I wasn't about to miss it

"I think we're all lucky to be alive".

See the footage below:

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