Ryanair to send 'bad news' texts

Ryanair to send 'bad news' textsPA

Ryanair are set to send free (yes, you read that correctly) text alerts to passengers to inform that about flight delays over 90 minutes.

Passengers will be asked to provide their mobile number to make use of the service, and will receive texts advising about likely durations of delays and new departure times.

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said the move comes after a study found around 95 per cent of airline passengers carried mobile phones while travelling.

He told the Irish Times: "Our new system will ensure passengers are kept fully informed during periods of mass disruption, such as bad weather, air traffic control strikes or airspace closures."

The news comes just a couple of weeks after Ryanair unveiled a plan to introduce planes with wider doors to fit people through two-by-two.

According to Howard Millar, Ryanair's deputy chief executive, bigger doors will allow people to board and disembark more quickly, shaving time off the all-important turnarounds.

Other recent Ryanair ideas that haven't gone down as well include: scrapping the role of co-pilot, letting passengers stand on shorter flights, removing two of the three on-board loos on their Boeing 737s to make room for more passengers, and introducing coin-operated toilets.

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