Olympics madness hits online auctions

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Full-scale Olympics madness has hit the online auctions. Now you can buy a huge array of memorabilia, from used tickets and programmes, to bottles of 'atmosphere'.

So what Olympic memorabilia is available on these sites, and what is the strangest?


Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony is being broken up and sold in lots. One nurse's uniform from the NHS segment sold for £107 earlier today. An industrial revolution worker's costume is up for £500, but has received no bids. Another seller wore two outfits - as an industrial revolution drummer and a marshal in the procession. She is trying to sell them both for £1,400, with the request: "Can someone please buy this so I can buy a new mixer!"

Torch fever has died down, but there are still some lots with torch associations fetching big prices. The Coca-Cola red double-decker support bus from the torch tour sold this lunchtime for just over £40,000.


You name it, it's for sale. So you can buy a bottle of 'atmosphere' too. The seller is claiming: "The beautiful East London air has been captured in a preserving bottle for you to display and take pride of place on your mantelpiece, bookshelf or desk and eventually be passed on to future generations of your family...........or if you prefer, you can open it and use the bottle to preserve pickles." At the moment it hasn't received any bids


But it doesn't have to be downright strange to have potential. Used ticket stubs are doing a roaring trade. What they are fetching depends on the game in question. Rarity matters, so if you're one of the hundreds of thousands with football tickets, you'll be lucky to make more than 99p. However, if a Brit did well in a smaller venue, the price will be bumped up, so you may well get between £15 and £25 for a gold-winning event. And the opening ceremony tickets are fetching closer to £50.

Daily programmes are also selling well. They cost £5 at the venues, but some days are selling for between £9 and £11 online, and with a bit of postage on top, canny buyers are doubling their money. One seller is even flogging daily programmes for days 1-9 and bids are currently at £90.55.

Signed programmes are doing well too. One for Day 7, signed by Jess Ennis is currently at £56, with more than a day to go, which is likely to fetch up to £70.

And you don't have to go to the games to be the owner of a collectible. One enterprising seller is trying to flog an Olympic 50p piece for 99p (plus 80p postage). As yet there are no bids, but it demonstrates an impressive level of cheek that is sure to be rewarded.
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