Cash-strapped Brits join parents on holiday

The continuing squeeze on British householders' finances has seen an increase in the number of adults taking holidays with their parents.

Young adults join parents on holiday

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According to a study by LV=travel insurance, elderly mums and dads are helping their grown-up offspring out by sharing their holidays abroad and treating the 'kids' to a meal out during the sunshine break.

The study revealed that the average age of an adult child joining mum and dad on their hols is now 30, and a sizeable 19 per cent are in their 40s.

Researchers estimate that almost two million of the baby boom generation will be sharing the wealth by paying for their children's getaway this year.

But it seems they're happy to do it. Two thirds of those polled said they were happy to pay full price, 42 per cent said the bought-and-paid-for-holiday was a treat for the younger generation, and 37 per cent insisted having the family together was more important than cost.

While mum and dad are footing the bill, the young adults still want to be involved in the holiday decision-making, with nine out of 10 helping to choose the destination.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV=travel insurance, told the Daily Mail: "Young adults, and even some middle-aged ones, are trying to save money where they can and holidaying with the parents is becoming a growing trend."

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