Toyota makes toughest-ever off roader?

Anyone who has seen Top Gear's attempts to destroy a Toyota HiLux will know how strong they are, but apparently Aussies wanted something even tougher.

The result is the new Land Cruiser LC79. It might not look new – indeed it looks like a mildly facelifted 1960s pick-up. However looks don't matter. The specification gives an idea of its brutal simplicity: 4.5 litre V8 diesel, five speed manual gearbox, manually selectable four wheel drive and a giant 28 gallon fuel tank. It also gets an exhaust snorkel for deep wading and the option of a railway adaptor for running on the tracks of Australia's giant mines.
As a sign of how it values ruggedness over everything, the huge engine produces only 205 bhp, but the peak torque of 430 NM comes at just 1,200 rpm – those are figures that are more usual in a truck than a car.

Who knows, it could become a bit of a cult item. The Mercedes G-Wagen was due to go out of production in 2006 until it became a cult star of rap videos. It is still around today, albeit as a dreadful pastiche of its original character. Anyone who wants a genuinely tough 4x4 might be tempted by one of these instead – after all, it is already right-hand-drive. The big steel wheels and huge steel bars to protect the one-tonne payload suggest an unmatched "take-no-mess" attitude.

Any enterprising importers out there who want to bring in the baddest 4x4 of them all?
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