UK's fastest roads revealed

Race track or motorway? If you're talking the A27 in Binsted, West Sussex, it's the former. Straight stretches on UK A-roads are increasingly being used as race circuits according to insurer LV. Despite the threat of speed cameras one A27 Yamaha motorbike rider was clocked at 152mph.

Which, then, are the UK's fastest, most terrifying roads? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Breakneck bitumen

The South of England and Scotland dominate the list of the fastest roads in the British Isles, taking the top five spots. LV claims the second fastest road is the A90 in Scotland on the Dundee to Aberdeen road, despite it being notorious for speed cameras. Tayside Police have recorded speeds as high as 139mph, 141mph and 149mph in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Avon & Somerset Police caught a driver along the A303 Cartgate in Somerset speeding at 144mph, making it the third fastest road in Britain. Fourth is the M40 J2-4 where a motorist was caught driving at 142mph by Thames Valley Police.

The findings, which were compiled using freedom of information police data, shows the fastest recorded speeds and their corresponding roads in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Racetrack or road?

"There is a significant difference," says John O'Roarke, managing director of LV car insurance, "between those drivers who are a few miles over the limit and those who are driving dangerously at breakneck-speeds. These motorists need to realise Britain's roads are not race tracks and driving at such high speeds is very dangerous."

But speeding can mean licence points - and the potential to double your insurance premium, plus the cost of the fine. Recent analysis by claims there's a vast difference in the cost of car insurance premiums for those with a speeding conviction, and those without.

A young male driver with nine points on his license could expect the cost of a premium to be around 118% higher, claims, than a driver of the same age with a clean license. The biggest jump in insurance premiums is for those drivers caught speeding twice.

Points means premiums

"The analysis showed a 30-year-old male with three points on his license would pay £439 for a year's cover, whereas six points would mean paying £702 - a 60 per cent increase." One reason for some drivers ignoring the risk of speed cameras could be a perception that the numbers of speed cameras are falling - or at least, their use.

Recently the RAC submitted Freedom of Information requests to 32 councils that use fixed speed cameras. It was discovered that there were more fixed speed camera sites in England now than in 2010. But the number of cameras that take pictures has slipped from 529 in 2010 to 487.

Britain's fastest roads 2009 - 2011 - LV figures

1 152mph A27 Arundel Road Binstead West Sussex Sussex Police 2011
2 149 mph A90 Dundee to Aberdeen road: Tayside Police 2011
3 144 mph A303 Cartgate, Somerset Avon and Somerset Police 2010
4 142 mph M40 J2-4 Thames Valley Police 2011
5 141 mph A90 Dundee to Aberdeen road: Tayside Police 2010
6= 139 mph A690 West Rainton Durham Constabulary 2011
6= 139 mph A435 Hollywood toward Birmingham West Mercia Police 2009
6= 139 mph A90 Dundee to Aberdeen road: Tayside Police 2009
7= 138 mph M6 Motorway at Brunthwaite Cumbria Constabulary 2009
7= 138 mph M1 northbound near Ratby Leicestershire Constabulary 2009
8 137 mph M65, Burnley Lancashire Constabulary 2011
9 134 mph A27 West Ashling Chichester West Sussex Sussex Police 2009
10= 133 mph M1 Southbound, Swinford Leicestershire Constabulary 2011
10= 133 mph A47 Tilney All Saints Norfolk Constabulary 2011

Cars most likely to be caught speeding
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UK's fastest roads revealed

2. Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE TD6 20%


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