Kick ass! The donkey whose paintings sell for £100

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Kick ass! The donkey whose paintings sell for £100
Kick ass! The donkey whose paintings sell for £100


Got kids on school holidays sitting at home twiddling their thumbs ? Need some inspiration as to how to entertain them? We've found just the thing...

Meet Pic-ass-o Patty, the rescue donkey making a name for herself by painting.

Donning a red beret, Patty wields her paintbrush with her mouth and creates ee-oresome masterpieces, one brushstroke at a time.

Her portfolio boasts a collection of vibrant designs, which have so far fetched more than £100 - despite only taking her up to ten minutes to complete.

Patty now lives at HorseWorld Visitor Centre in Bristol, after being rescued from a UK auction where she was for sale after being shipped over from Romania.

Her handler Vicky Greenslade said Patty took just three weeks to learn how to paint via a positive reinforcement technique: when she paints on the canvas she gets a click to tell her she's done well.

And, assistant manager at HorseWorld Miss Greenslade said she's keen to show off her skills to visitors.

According to the Daily Mail, she said: "Patty is a huge show-off, she loves people watching her paint - she's not at all shy anymore."

And Patty isn't the only animal who likes to paint; over at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Karishma the elephant has turned out to be quite the talented painter, and, when she isn't being mum to her baby George, loves to relax by putting paintbrush to paper.

Elephant keeper Elizabeth Becker said: "Karishma really enjoys painting, and it demonstrates just how dexterous elephants' trunks really are. Whilst her paintings may not be as detailed as a Da Vinci, we think the finished products are pretty amazing!"

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