Mother dies on holiday in Antigua after getting trapped in quicksand and drowning

Mother dies on holiday in Antigua after getting trapped in quicksand and drowningJolly Beach Resort. Rex

A mother of two drowned on holiday in Antigua when she became trapped in quicksand on the beach and drowned when the tide came in, the Mirror reported.

Nicola Raybone, 33, went for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset after flying into the Caribbean island with her daughter Amy, 11, and son Dylan, 13, to attend her father's wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, she had a drink with friends at the £300-a-night Jolly Beach Resort before the rest of the party left and Nicola decided to watch the beautiful sunset alone.

An inquest was told how Nicola, from Lancashire, walked out towards the sea near the five-star hotel and became stuck in sinking sand. The tide came in and the nursery nurse shouted for help.

The inquest in Blackpool was told how her cries for help could be heard but nobody could see where she was because it was so dark.

Police received an emergency call on the night reporting a woman was shouting for help on the beach but a search was not launched until her worried family found her sandals and phone in the bar.

Nicola was found dead on the beach an hour later.

She arrived in Antigua with her children on 19 January and was there with her friend Becky and her children to celebrate her father's beach wedding.

Her uncle David Barlow said: 'She was a good swimmer and none of this makes any sense.

Coroner Anne Hind said: 'It was easy to sink deep into the sand.

'The beach sloped and it became pitch black. The tide that night was rough and high. You can imagine how frightened she was. It is frightening how quickly it happened.'

A verdict of accidental death was recorded by Mrs Hind.

In a statement her family said: 'She loved her family so much and was so proud of her children.

'She was involved in many charities and had just moved into a new house with her partner. Everyone is shocked and devastated.'

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