Hummer is back from the dead - alas

In the classic horror movie, there is always one final twist when everyone thinks they are safe, but the monster emerges from the swamp one last time.

On this occasion, reports that AM General, the original owners of the Hummer brand, will offer a kit car version of the original military-spec Humvee. It cannot build a finished vehicle for civilian use as that would contravene its agreement with General Motors, who bought the rights to sell complete vehicles to the public.
Buyers have to pay $59,000 (£38,000), for the kit and then find themselves an engine (cynics might say they should also find themselves a brain). AM General reckons the all-in cost of a finished vehicle would be around $75,000 (£48,000), but there will be a lot of work involved, as a gearbox will need to be found to go with the engine.

After all that expense, the owner can indulge his Rocky fantasies – albeit carefully. With no proper doors, he (surely no woman would be daft enough?) will have to use a namby-pamby seat belt to stop himself being thrown out. Wouldn't a nice old Land Rover Defender for £5,000 do the job just as well – and make the neighbours a lot less likely to snigger?
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