Where to try an Olympic sport

The Olympics are upon us and just as Wimbledon inspires many to get out on the tennis courts, the range of high-class action on show during London 2012 will whet many a sporting appetite.

where to try an olympic sport
where to try an olympic sport

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Whether young or old, there are plenty of Olympic sports you can try for yourself so why not give it a go?

At your local sports centre
With the Olympics hitting London this year, sports centres up and down the country will be getting into the spirit with beginner's classes and 'try for yourself' days. While you may be limited to indoor activities, swimming, badminton, squash, volleyball and basketball are all commonly on offer at local centres, and some may even offer more unusual sports such as fencing, handball or judo.

Find a local club
Where your local sports centre might not offer every Olympic event you fancy, the chances are there's a club near you that does.

From boxing and taekwondo to table tennis and athletics, a local club will always welcome newcomers and be happy to help beginners of most age groups. Get in touch and ask if you can go along to watch or try, and explore the opportunities - you just get bitten by the bug.

If you are having trouble finding a club for a specific sport, try an online search. Archery, for instance, might not be something that is available in every town, but the Grand Archery Society provides details of those places that do.

All-in-one action
If indoor sports are not your thing and you're looking for something action packed, a multi-activity centre is the place to start. Many offer a number of sports such as mountain biking, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and archery, all from the same base. It's an excellent way for the whole family to get a taste for fun, outdoor Olympic events, and can make for an exhilarating weekend break for thrill-seekers.

Have a go at Sheftival
For anyone close enough or willing to travel, it is definitely worth making the trip to Sheffield for Sheftival. Combining sport, music and culture, this weekend festival offers everyone the chance to try out a host of Olympic sports, including athletics, hockey and football, as well as more unusual (and not yet Olympic) sports such as zorbing.

Taking place on 4 and 5 August, all the sporting activities are included in the price of the ticket, which costs £12 a day for adults or £20 for the weekend, or take the whole family for just £40 per day, £70 for the two days.

Which Olympic sport are you keen to try? Let us know by leaving a comment below...