Lazy Brits lose out on £17k during their lifetime

Caroline Cassidy

It's no secret that to get the best deal you have to shop around, but it seems Britons are missing out on sizeable savings through laziness.

Brits waste money by not shopping around
Brits waste money by not shopping around

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A study by UK bank Aldermore found that the average Brit loses out on £17,000 over the course of their lifetime, by failing to seek out the best deal or refusing to use their own elbow grease for simple tasks.

For example, householders up and down the country are throwing money down the drain by tumble-drying their clothes rather than hanging them out, pushing up the cost of their electricity bills.

On average we fork out an extra £68 a year at the carwash, where a bucket and sponge would have done, and many parents pay for their children's school dinners in order to avoid the hassle of packing a lunch box.

We're similarly lazy when it comes to unnecessary charges, with unwanted goods left gathering dust rather than going back to the shop for a refund, and unused gym memberships leaving many out of pocket.

Perhaps most surprising is the news that one in 10 of the 2,000 adults polled said they jumped straight in with the first deal they saw even when buying a car or taking out a mortgage.

Simon Healy, from Aldermore, told the Daily Express: "When making big purchases, or with mortgages or loans, it's important to look for the best deal.

"I'm staggered that one in 10 plumped for the first deal they came across. Lots of savings can be made from very simple changes."

Do you shop around for the best bargains or do you prefer to save time than save money? Leave your comments below...