Makeup tips for Asian skin

Caroline Cassidy

We've all had make-up issues at some point in our lives and whatever your skin type, getting the colours and techniques right is essential. If you're an Asian woman struggling to get that flawless look, here are a few tips and ideas to help.

makeup for asian skin
makeup for asian skin

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The correct shade of foundation is the secret to looking natural whilst hiding any flaws. As always, the key is to find a foundation that is as close to your natural skin colour as possible - don't be tempted to go lighter or darker.

Those with yellow skin tones should also avoid the temptation to try foundations and powders with pink or red undertones as this will result in an unnatural look. Instead opt for those with yellow undertones. Bobbi Brown's range is particularly good.

Similarly, if you regularly use concealer, don't go for one that is too much lighter than your skin tone - try to match it as closely as possible to your chosen foundation.

Eye makeup for Asian women who do not have an eyelid crease is particularly important. Contouring with a few shades is the perfect way to lift the eyes, starting with a light shade applied right up to the brow line, and applying darker colours as close to the lash line as possible to give the eye a larger appearance. Nudes, light pinks and bright silver or grey colours work well on oriental skin, while Indian women carry more intense deep browns or purples well.

To accentuate straight lashes, always use an eyelash curler as this will open up the whole eye area, and go for a deep black, lengthening mascara.

When it comes to lips, once again Indian ladies look stunning in rich autumnal colours such as deep reds, purples and browns, particularly for an evening out, but for a daytime look more neutral pinks and even peach are great lighter shades to try.

On the other hand, oriental girls may find that shimmering, light pinks and nudes work really well and will complement the flawless, natural finish achieved by the right foundation.

Though there are makeup products designed specifically for a variety of Asian skin types, finding the right colours and styles for you means you shouldn't limit yourself. Bobbi Brown, Shiseido and MAC all carry an astonishing range of colours, so don't be afraid to try them and find the right products for you.

Have you found the perfect products for your skin? Let us know which work best for you below...