Would you pay more for a child-free flight?

Tripadvisor survey finds one-third of British adults would pay more for a flight with no childrenRex

A new survey has revealed that one in three Brits would pay more for a child-free flight.

The news comes just as the the school holiday is in full swing - and delivers yet another bitter blow to frazzled parents who have already become branded the social pariahs of air travel.

Around 2,000 travellers were questioned in the Tripadvisor survey, which found that 37 per cent of British adults would choose to buy a more expensive ticket to avoid having to share their flight with children.

But the biggest gripe of all among disgruntled Brits isn't the kids - it's the parents who don't control their own children: 22 per cent said they were frustrated by the lack of discipline they had witnessed while travelling.

However, parents need not feel too despondent, as the results of the new survey are an improvement on the previous one. Last year, a similar Tripadvisor survey found that more than half of adults (53 per cent) were prepared to pay more to fly without children. Could this suggest that we're actually in danger of becoming more tolerant air travellers? Watch this space.

In the meantime, for all those desperate to get away from little ones for a while, we asked Tripadvisor to name its top ten hotels for adults, and here's what they said...

Child-free hotels: TripAdvisor's top picks for adults only
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Would you pay more for a child-free flight?

An intimate boutique hotel located on the west side of the island, Apsenti is a serene getaway featuring an outdoor plunge pool and Jacuzzi rooms – ideal for guests to relax and watch the world go by. One Tripadvisor reviewer says: “It was fantastic - very romantic, relaxing and chilled out.”

This tranquil property is known for its beauty and unique personality. Featuring four luxury suites, each distinctively designed; guests can relax on the terraces while being mesmerised by the sights of the Caldera. As one Tripadvisor traveller says: “I stayed here with my girlfriend and it is quite simply the best luxury hotel I've ever stayed at. The views from this hotel are truly stunning with direct views of the volcano and surrounding sea, as well as the towns in Santorini.”

Built in 1876 and renovated in the style of Belle Époque (the beautiful era), the décor featured in Hotel Miramar evokes opulence and elegance throughout. “We spent our honeymoon at Hotel Miramar and we absolutely loved every second of our stay. The food was fantastic and the setting on the terrace is breath-taking and very romantic,” says one Tripadvisor reviewer.

Algarve coast, Hotel Vila Gale Praia offers picturesque views of a palm tree garden and is a short distance from restaurants, shops and four other beaches. One Tripadvisor reviewr says: “We stayed here during our honeymoon and I wish we had stayed longer. It is a great, relaxing and romantic place to stay.”

Located high above the Caldera, Grace Santorini Hotel boasts enviable views of the famed Santorini sunset over the Aegean Sea from its luxury suites and balconies. One Tripadvisor reviewer says: “You will not find a more perfect hotel anywhere! Fantastic location, amazing staff, superb rooms, stunning views and wonderful food."

A bespoke designer hotel adorned with handmade furnishings, natural fabrics and textures, East Hotel prides itself on its unique visual design and individual scents in each area. As one Tripadvisor traveller says: “This is a superb hotel featuring modern and quirky styling, and the food in the restaurant was fantastic.”

Located on the slopes of the Alhambra, Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol offers outstanding panoramic views of Sierra Nevada and Granada. Each room has been designed to maintain the character and style of a traditional Granada house, featuring antique furniture and art. One Tripadvisor traveller says: “This is a remarkable hotel with stunning views. The rooms are comfortable and the terrace is delightful.”

This luxury hotel surrounded by elegant gardens offers breath-taking views of the Riviera. Beautifully decorated with marble and sleek art, this charming property is a wonderful base to unwind. As one Tripadvisor reviewer says: “My husband and I just spent two nights at Villa St. Maxime and it was perfect.”


With terraces offering idyllic sea views from each room, guests can admire the striking sights of the Amalfi Coast. Located close to the historic centre of Amalfi, restaurants, bars, shops and beaches are within walking distance for all to explore. One Tripadvisor reviewer says: “This is an amazingly beautiful place to stay and the ocean view right from our room is breath-taking.” Visit Palazzo Talamo.

Nestled in the heart of Imagna Valley, the spectacular scenery of the Valley and mountains make Hotel Resort & Spa Miramonti a splendid location to disconnect and marvel at nature. As one Tripadvisor traveller says: “A stunning location. You cannot fail to be impressed by both the quality of accommodation, friendly service and views you will remember for a long time to come.”


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