British boy stuck in Abu Dhabi to risk pirate waters to get home?

British boy stuck in Abu Dhabi to risk pirate waters?Joe is stranded in Abu Dhabi: Rex

A British boy who is stranded in Abu Dhabi after developing a sudden fear of flying may be forced to sail through pirate-infested waters to get home.

Joe Thompson, 11, is stuck in the country after the phobia just came out of the blue.

His father, Tony, has asked Saudi Arabian authorities to let them drive the 1,200 miles through the country to get to a port to sail back.

But, according to the report in The Sun, they have been refused, meaning they may have to go to Oman and board a UK-bound cargo ship through Yemeni waters - an area where Somali pirates have been known to operate.

Tony told the paper: "I'm extremely upset by their negative response to my humanitarian plea to help a badly traumatised boy.

"It seems incongruous when we are welcoming Saudi athletes to London for the Olympics."

Four attempts to get Joe on a plane home have been thwarted after he suffered crippling panic attacks.

A hypnotherapist was even flown over from the UK in a bid to tackle the problem, as well as using sedatives, to no avail.

Joe's sudden fear of flying has left his family stumped as he has been on a number of international plane journeys.

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British boy stuck in Abu Dhabi after developing sudden fear of flying
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