Brits waste £395m on airport panic buys

Britons are wasting an astonishing £395 million each year by picking up last minute 'essentials' at the airport, a survey has revealed.

Brits waste money on airport panic buys

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Strict security policies and failure to pack essential items in our hand luggage means British holidaymakers are forced to pay premium prices before boarding a flight.

The poll by Virgin Atlantic found that 90 per cent of us panic buy at the airport, splashing our hard-earned cash on an average of 12 items in the departure lounge.

Topping the list of last-minute buys were books and magazines, with 32 per cent of those surveyed grabbing something to read for the long, boring flight ahead.

Bottled water and soft drinks followed with 28 per cent, while 14 per cent of savvy airport shoppers picked up snacks before boarding in order to avoid paying the inflated on-board prices.

Keeping the kids entertained was obviously important too, as seven per cent failed to bring something to keep them quiet, opting instead to pay for a new gadget at the airport.

Then came the all-important items such as ear plugs, flight socks and toiletries (three per cent), gadgets for the grown-ups (two per cent), and pillows and cushions (one per cent).

Janine Doy, of Virgin Atlantic, told the Daily Express: "We all know the horrible feeling that, at the last minute, you don't have everything you need."

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