Olympic road restrictions causing confusion

New road restrictions in place to help the London 2012 Olympics to flow smoothly have caused widespread confusion for drivers on their first days in use.

Having started on Wednesday at 6am, a £130 fine is enforceable for drivers and cyclists that drive in the Games lanes, which are part of the 109-mile Olympic Route Network, where restrictions apply from 6am until midnight.
Transport for London advised drivers to follow the electronic road signs while the Olympic organizing committee LOCOG said the lanes had allowed athletes to reach the venues, reported BBC News.

But drivers have said some lanes were open to all traffic while some signs seemed to be conflicting.

A TfL spokeswoman said the lanes were intended to be 'flexible' according to traffic needs and up-to-date advice was available on the electronic message signs.

The news channel added that TfL is monitoring the lanes using CCTV cameras and that traffic was down by 13.5% across all roads in central and inner London so far.

Leon Daniels, TfL's managing director of surface transport, said people accidentally straying into the lanes would not automatically incur a fine.

He said: "We don't want enforcement, we want compliance. Nobody will be harshly dealt with if the Games Lane becomes activated after they pass it."
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