Land Rover is UK's 'least reliable used car'

Land Rover has been named as the UK's least reliable used car by a report by consumer experts What Car?

Land Rover UK's least reliable car
Land Rover UK's least reliable car

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According to the report, produced in conjunction with repair cover firm Warranty Direct, the iconic British 4x4 was bottom of the pile when it came to reliability on the road, with a "shocking" 71 per cent of vehicles over three years old breaking down at least once a year.

The study was based on 50,000 extended warranty policies on cars aged between three and ten years old and while Land Rover scored badly, Japanese cars dominated the top ten most reliable manufacturers.

Topping the list was Honda, of which only ten per cent of second-hand cars broke down each year. Toyota followed in second place with a 17 per cent rate of break downs, while Lexus, Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan all made the top ten.

At the other end of the scale, Land Rover languished at the bottom but other manufacturers falling behind in the used vehicle reliability stakes were Alfa Romeo with 55 per cent breaking down at least once a year, Jeep (52 per cent), Renault (52 per cent), Chrysler (50 per cent) and Saab (50 per cent).

MG, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover stablemate Jaguar and Rover rounded out the ten least reliable second hand cars.

What Car? editor in chief Chas Hallett told the Daily Mail: "Reliability is so important to motorists, especially when times are tough.

"Japanese car makers really do deliver on reliability and Honda is exceptionally good at this.

"What will be surprising to many is the fact that several of the more desirable brands did not fare so well regarding reliability, and the cost of their repairs are high. They need to do better."

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